March inspiration from makeup artist Matthew!


My name is Matthew and I’m a Make-up Artist in Montreal. Coming from an artist point of view it was fun passing from behind the camera, to in front of it. It put me out of my comfort zone even though, the experience was so much fun! I would totally do ‘‘modeling’’ again. When GyGy spoke to me about wanting me on her blog because of my style my first response was; ‘‘who? Me?’’. I don’t consider myself a fashionista. 90% of my wardrobe is black, I like to sprinkle a little bit of white, and grey, when I’m feeling wild I’ll do a pop of color, but it needs to be a deep shade. Like Burgundy, or forest green.


The bulk of my style is very simple, I like to accessorize, or bedazzle my outfit with pieces that are showstoppers. I’m also a huge believer in buying inexpensive basics, and splurging on accessories or like I said showstopper pieces. My outfit in the picture is a great example of that, most of my outfit is from H&M, Zara, and my little splurge piece is my clutch from M0851. Comfort for me is important but my outfits are not always practical. I will sacrifice being cold in order to stand out. I also love to mix textures, not wearing the same material all over is something that will make your outfit more interesting and different. This is a concept that I also love to use in makeup as well, using different finishes of eye shadows creates a nice dimension to the final look! In my case, I’m really excited for spring to come so I can wear leather, and big chunky scarves. The color selection of my closet stays the same (what a surprise) during the spring. I think having a good leather jacket, a thin but long scarf, and a good pair of sunglasses are must haves for Spring. Finally you can never go wrong by wearing black, it always so crisp and is easy to style accordingly.

Thanks again for having me featured on your blog GyGy!


Photo credit: ME Photography. Like them on Facebook, they have an amazing talent ;)

Each Month, Clothes and Poutine will receive a special guest to be featured here. It gives the opportunity for the talented and stylish people of Montreal to show and express their sense of style. This month the guest is Matthew, a senior makeup artist living in the Old Montreal. I first met this gorgeous man in college and from the moment he told me he liked fashion, I knew I wanted to do a project with him. Four years later, I created this men section for all the men fashionista and I automatically thought of Matthew! I always liked his style and I am glad he accepted to be my model for the blog! He is the perfect man to inspire others to dress ;) Thanks to you gorgeous! xoxo

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