Big Burger for a Big “Katchup”! (Get it?)

Restaurant: Wienstein & Gavino's
Restaurant: Wienstein & Gavino’s

I didn’t get to see my friends often in the past few months because we each have our own busy schedule; we are all students (and me who started my intensive PR certification) and plus we all have jobs. I can’t believe that being a student is more stressful than anything else. At least once a month my friends and I try to see each other. During last week, I finally got to see my friend S (I’m getting all Gossip Girl here!) 3 weeks after her amazing and fun chalet birthday party. At the chalet I arrived all smiley and happy with my boyfriend and so S saw that I had a lot to tell her. So 3 weeks after that event, we finally could meet and have lunch on Crescent Street at Wienstein & Gavino’s.

I ordered a burger and it was huge! It had tomatoes, bacon, onions, and roquette. At first, I was afraid to taste it because I’ve been to that restaurant before and I took a plate with pasta and chicken and the chicken was disgusting. No jokes. When I took a bite of the burger, I was relieved that the burger was actually good and too big! I couldn’t eat the whole thing! The french fries that came with it were alright. But honestly, I wouldn’t go there again for the food. It is not that tasty there and I am never totally satisfied.

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