Sangria and an Oral Presentation


Two words: Sangria. Presentation.

Now I know you do not see the sangria on this picture because I totally forgot to take one that day and I was too focus on the food in front of me and my bestie! Talking about my bestie, she heard that the sangria at the pub Winston Churchill on Crescent Street was delicious. So we fixed a rendez-vous a few hours before my last class in which I had to do an oral presentation. So I told my bestie that we could not only drink the whole sangria pitcher because I wouldn’t be able to walk to my class! We then had a strategy: if we eat a lot and we drink at the same time, we won’t be tipsy or drunk by accident!

So she ordered sweet potato fries and chicken wings and I ordered a salmon and mango tartare and mozzarella fried cheese sticks ( I’m sorry, there are not in this picture too :/ ). The strategy obviously did not even worked. I ended up being tipsy anyway. But the food was very good. I really don’t know if it was because I drank too much or not but it was supposed to be a salmon and mango tartare but I didn’t see any mango and didn’t taste it either. Appart from that the waiter was really nice but when the bill came in I was like “are you serious?” I ordered 2 littles appetizers and I paid for half the sangria pitcher and it costs me $40 (tips not included).  For this price, I could have 2 complete meals somewhere else! Was it worth it? Well I’m still thinking about it! But I was on time for my class and I did a good job on my oral presentation and that concluded my final class in order for me to obtain my first PR certification!

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