She is pretty and all but she eats like a pigglet!


Relax outfit to go get some food in my mouth! That day I got dressed up, I realized that this lace top was the first ever that I bought. I never had or wore a lace top before.. You are probably asking yourself why did I put those sandals with that cute and soft outfit, well since at work I am not allowed to work in sandals, I decided to wear them that day. I bought two of them at H&M. Very cute but not so comfy! I was on my way out to shop a bit at Carrefour Laval and to go eat at a Greek restaurant called Marathon which is also in Laval. The review is coming soon! Stay tuned!

I was wearing:

  • Lace top: H&M
  • Leggings: Forever 21
  • Plaid shirt: H&M
  • Sandals: H&M
  • Handbag: Zara
  • Necklace: H&M
  • Bracelet: Simons



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