What’s in my bag | Kate Spade tote



I’ve been on a handbag shopping spree these days and one of the new bags that I got was this HUGE tote from Kate Spade New York. I don’t usually like an item with the big brand name on it but this bag I had to get my hands on especially at a reduced price with the Kate Spade’s surprise sales of 75% off  on their official website. When I received it at first I did not like it because it was way too saggy and it would lose its form when removing all the stuffing paper inside of it. I thought it would be made of a harder material but it is made of a material similar to denim.

After 2 weeks of leaving it in its shipping box, I finally needed to use the bag. It has two large pockets on one side and a zipped pocket on the other. When I started putting stuff in it, I couldn’t stop! Clothes, laptop, ballerina shoes, creams, perfume, makeup, you name it! Everything fit inside of this tote! The handles are half gold chains and half leather. I also thought it would be a hassle to carry this bag with so much items in it but it is actually quite comfortable. I was very surprised!


On a daily basis, inside of my huge Kate Spade tote I have exactly what you see in the picture below. I have a mini handbag from Zara that I put inside because it is also a bag that I used on a daily basis and everything that I need is inside so I just but it in the tote to be sure not to forget anything! I make sure my book is always in my bag because we never know when you are going to have a little moment when the phone is getting boring. Then I have my strawberry and vanilla body spray from Bath & Body Works to obviously smell good! The bottle of Baileys is only in my bag when I go to my bf’s house ;) In the zipped pocket, I have enough space to put my makeup brush case, my blush, my amazing Lacôme Miracle Cushion Foundation, my iPhone charger, some pen and hand cream. That’s what I carry in my bag on a normal day but really, I stuff the bag to its fullest when I have a big day! I like this bag so much and it is perfect when you to a little 2 days trip!

I also filmed a ‘what’s in my bag’ video on my YT channel! Watch it below!

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