You had me at Lobster and comfort food!




This is not your typical comfort food mac&Cheese! This bowl of joy is called Mac Ocean on the La belle et la Boeuf’s menu. I arrived to the new Galeries D’Anjou’s new restaurant with my little family for my brother’s 18 years old birthday. My plan was to share a pitcher of sangria with him since he now has the legal age to drink but he refused :( Turns out he prefers to drive than to drink! Good choice!

This amazing mac&cheese was rich in cheese let me tell you! When I ordered this meal, I was scared that it was made with the fake lobster ( I don’t know how it is called in English but in French it is called ‘goberge’ if I am not wrong). Turns out it was made with real lobster and it was fresh and tasty. The pasta they used were big and thick curly macaroni in a creamy, thick, and rich sauce. Very good but very heavy. The portion is big and I couldn’t finish my bowl. I would certainly order it and I recommend it if you love mac & cheese and you are a lobster fanatic like me! I’m in love with La Belle et La Boeuf restaurant. The food is delicious and they are pretty generous with the quantity in each meal.

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