Did you know breakfast was my fave meal of the day?


Trois mousquetaires: that’s how this plate is called chez Ben & Florentine. It has everything that I like: three breakfast sausages rolled up in crepes with cheese on top, potatoes and fruits (I only eat two fruits out of 1000000000x fruits in the plate). And I had syrup to make the crepes and sausages sweet.

Ben & Florentine is by far my fave breakfast restaurant in Montreal. What I adore about this place is there combo, it has everything that you like in one plate, no need for extra this, extra that. eggs, bacon, sausage, french toasts, crepe, waffle in the same plate! Plus, the cafe is always delicious! It is absolutely heaven when I go eat at Ben & Florentine with my friends and boyfriend.

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