Dinner at Harlow restaurant



It is pretty rare that I go eat at a restaurant in the Old Montreal, simply because I think it is a romantic quartier and I only go there for my birthday or with my boyfriend (well now I don’t have a boyfriend anymore *sad face*). After 2 painful weeks, it was my friend A’s birthday and she invited me to her birthday dinner that took place a Saturday night at Harlow restaurant.


I am no fancy chick who eats foie gras (sorry) and so I was a bit confused and disappointed with the dinner menu. The lunch menu looked more interesting than the dinner one. The choices were pretty limited and I do not eat canard (duck), cod or oysters. And from the look of the restaurant you know the portion that you will get in your plate won’t be enough for your stomach. After a long debate, I decide to order the Fresh Scallop Ceviche , Sweet potato fries, and slices of avocado on the side. My friend S’s plate was really fancy. She opted for the Duck Magret which was good also. I liked what I choose but I wish I was able to order a full meal because what I order was an entré and a side extra.

I wouldn’t go back for dinner but I would definitely go back for the lunch menu!

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Harlow Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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