Local Connoisseur: MY NEW FAVE BOUTIQUE!!!



I am no “connoisseur” about boutiques in Montreal because I just think all the clothes look the same stores after stores after boutiques after boutiques and prices are really high compared to well known retail stores such as Zara & H&M. But then, one of my friend Viane and her sister Midia opened a boutique together called Local Connoisseur and so I decided to give it a try and visit them.

I didn’t know what to expect but let me tell you that I adoooooooooooooore Local Connoisseur!! I had so much fun with Midia who was the one in the store in the afternoon that I came by. What makes this boutique special is the fact that they don’t have a wide variety of clothes BUT each one of the pieces they carry are gorgeous and precious!! Which also means that Local Connoisseur is your new fashion destination! They carry brands from the US but the store is mostly home to some local designers (Yeahh that’s right, lets support designers from Montreal!) They also have Menswear for the cool dudes *insert emoji with the sunglasses here*!


The first piece that Midia showed me as soon as I said the name of my blog was this funny T-shirt from a local designer (picture above). Since I bought this t-shirt, I swear I wear it every week! At work and school I got a lot of comments about it and I was I took a medium size  because I like wearing a long top paired with skinny jeans or leather leggings.

LOOOOVE the design on the crop top and skirt.. Have you seen that coat too?? Beautiful. That coat is actually the BEST SELLER!!
For some reason, this outfit makes me think of a stylish school girl! Also a great outfit for a fun girls night out ;)
My top 4 favorites for Fall/Winter
My top 4 favorites for Fall/Winter! That sheer jacket thought>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I was so obsessed with all of their clothes that I started picking up pieces and ask for a rack and created outfits that I would totally wear. It also gave Midia some inspiration. As I picked up some pieces and matched them together she never thought those pieces would an awesome match! I was surprised to see lingerie! They are so delicate and sexy!


Local Connoisseur sells also cute lingerie, jewelries, sunglasses, candles, sauces, men grooming products, and even candies! Their website will be launched soon and they will have their online boutique as well :)

Visit their Local Connoisseur FB page and shop at their boutique located at

5179A, Saint-Denis
Montreal, Quebec

See you soon and thank you Viane & Midia xox

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