#GyGyStyle | May 2nd, 2016

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IMG_6712 (1)

I get excited now on Mondays because I get to post a new outfit! Honestly I miss blogging so much but I feel like people don’t really blogs anymore. I used to write long posts but realized that people wouldn’t necessarily read everything! That’s why I switched to making videos, but that it time consuming! I am on the go all the time and blogging is easier for me because I can do it on my phone when I don’t have my laptop near me. But I also like videos because I like to talk and feel like videos now are more trendy. I was surfing on my old blog TheGingerBook and I miss it so much. Honestly I want to talk about so many subjects that I just did not know what to do anymore. All I wanted to do is find a way to blog faster and blog about only the things that I mostly like and talk about which are fashion and food. Now I talk more about beauty and I am thinking about integrating beauty in here.

What I am wearing:
❤Top: H&M
❤Pants: H&M
❤Boots: H&M
❤Bag: Zara
❤Cardigan: Target (when we used to have it in Canada *sad face*)

See you next Monday!

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