Food never looked so sexy and delicious with rapper G-EAZY

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I love food. I love POUTINE. I love PIZZA. I love CHICKEN. Well you get it! It is quite rare that your favourite rapper is being photograph with food in their hands (appart from seeing them with an ice cream cone or frozen yogurt cup. It does not count). It so happens that my favourite rapper G-EAZY keeps getting photograph eating (holding) food and posting the pictures on Facebook, making you hungry for the food and making you hungry for him too..Miam Gerald! (G-Eazy’s real name)

Pic from
Pic from

Pic from
Pic from
G-eazy has a Tour coming up but will not come to Montreal :( I’ve seen him 3 times in my life and will continue to participate to his concert because he is everything that I like in a rapper, he is stylish, we can actually understand him rap and we can rap along with him, his lyrics are catchy and good, he makes food looks sexy af! If he comes back to MTL, I will greet him with a box of my fave Domino’s pizza!

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