2 of my faves: KASKADE & PIZZA

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I almost got a heart attack when I saw this picture of my favorite artist of all times, like my #1 favorite, getting picture with no other than the most delicious fast food food; Pizza! Lord have mercy! Last week I spotted G-Eazy with pizza and now my all time fave artist Kaskade’s turn. My mom knows me so well, as I’m writing this, she bought me pizza and I’m eating it right now. My key board is probably greasy right now. Oops!

Some people do not like frozen pizza at the supermarket. Honestly the best one is the brand Delissio. They have so much variety of different  delicious flavors.

Where do you like to order or buy your pizza? #GyGyEats

Kaskade who is not yet schedule to come to MTL this year but is performing in Quebec for the Festival d’Été de Québec on July 13th, 2016!! Hopefully I will be able to make it!

Version française

J’aime la pizza Delissio puis Kaskade criss! 

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