Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder Highlight


Long time now see! Since I’ve been busy with new challenges in my life, I stopped blogging and making videos. Honestly I miss it and I am thinking of making more videos but for now, I will still continue to blog like my good old habit! I really wanted to talk about something that I think every women is passionate about, actually that women have been passionate about for ages! Makeup changed so much through the years and I am glad to be patient enough to buy and try all sorts of products in order to find the right match for my skin. Apart from lipsticks, eyeliners and mascaras, what I also love the most are highlighters! who does not like to glow for the Gods?? (That’s Nikki Tutorials’ expression!)

I nearly cried when it was October 1st and was 3:30 pm and noticed that today was the launch of Victoria Beckham’s makeup collaboration with Estée Lauder. (I completely forgot about if after reading about it a week ago!) When I looked at the collection the week before I knew I wanted the highlight, no questions asked! And then I wanted to get the eyeshadow palette because it had colours like dark greens that I do not own in my collection yet… but the price was a bittttttt too expensive for a 6-coloured palette. We are talking $115 CAD. This highlight is the most expensive highlight I ever bought ($73 CAD + taxes) but let me tell you, this highlight will make you shine like no other high end highlighter will make you! Some of you might say that this is way too over priced but honestly, this is the only expensive highlight that I will buy. Trust me, it was worth every penny since this is my fave and the one that I use every time. No jokes. Even up until today.

There is only one shade called Modern Mercury and it is a beautiful light gold or like a champagne color. I was surprised that the shade is magnificent on my dark skin tone! The packaging is luxurious; heavy, gold, and black leather. Fancy, I like!

GyGy xox

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