Forever21 Beauty Haul

Is it me or the goodies at the Forever21 cash area became really interesting?! False lashes, nail polishes, eyelash curlers, beauty sponges, very girly makeup brush sets, shower accessories, lots and lots of makeup, and wayyyy much more! I went more than 3 times to get some goodies and the most expensive item that I bought was $9.90! I won’t make a big intro so here is what I got for my CHEAP BEAUTY HAUL AT FOREVER21:

Liquid Eyeliner & Stamp

I mever thought this eyeliner was going to be awesome! It is sooooo black! And the stamp is a fun touch to the pen eyeliner and is perfect for that summer festival makeup look! The liner last all night and does not smudge. It is definitely worth it for the price; $7.90 CAD. YES. CHEAP. GREAT.

False Lashes

Falsie are beautiful and easy to put on. They are a bit too long so you need to cut them so that they fit perfectly to your lashes. They are a bit dramatic but surely elevate your eye makeup. I had them for 12-13 hours and by the end of the night they were starting to become very uncomfortable. They might not be ideal for an entire day but surely good for a night out. Price: $4.90 CAD.

Pressed-on Nails

They are freaking gorgeous and they stick for so long! I had to remove them by myself after 3 days (because they would not survived a day at work) but if I did not removed them, they would jave been still there for maybe 2 more days! Forever 21 does not have a wide variety of press on nails but these ones are bomb! Totally worth the $6.90 CAD. Will def repurchase :)

Nose Pore Strips

$6.90 for a pack of 5 aloe vera pore strips. Let me tell you, this almost tore my skin out. They literally stick to your skin and hurt your nose so much. On top of that, it left a white cast on the sides of my nose due to how sticky it was to my skin. At least the strips really remove the pores well.

Collagen Mask sheets

This pack of 5 Korean collagen masks was $7.90. No need for a facial at an expensive spa, this mask is ideal for your relax SundayFunday afternoons.

Eye Mask

Very cute strawberry eye mask. I did not know how to use this at first but it is pretty simple, you put them in the fridge or freezer and put on your eyes when you need to. It helped a lot with my swollen face caused by allergies! It is perfect for summer times too for when you cannot bare the heat. It was so cheap yet so useful. $1.90.

Iridescent Lip Gloss

I got carried away with the whole lip topper trend and bought a few of them in the past couple of days. So when I saw this pink sparkly lip gloss at Forev, I thought that I would love the texture but WRONG! This lipgloss formula is the exact old school formula that I hate! I do not like glosses but for some reason I thought this one wasn’t going to be so bad. By it’s own it looks like a clear gloss. The iridescent does not show. BUT, it is GORGEOUS on top of a red/burgundy lipstick. It will give you a beautiful and super glossy iridescent lips. Your lips will definitely look 2x bigger with this lip color combo. I will def use it on top of a lipstick. Spent $6.90 on this.

Highlight trio

This my friend is my fave goodie that I found at Forev! Super pigmented, super buttery, no fallouts, super glittery and shiny. I love it. I applied it on my body and the glow is beautiful. The only time I applied it on the high points of my cheeks I did not put a lot and I felt like it did not stay long enough but that’s probably because I applied it on my bare skin (no primer no foundation no concelear just to be precised) and did not set my face with a setting spray. I will have to test it again but it is very good for a $9.90 CAD highlight trio!

Overall this haul was such a success! I have way more things to try out for  sure but so far, I am very impressed and happy with my purchases. What would you like to try at Forever 21? Let me know!


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