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A message for restaurant L’Gros Luxe: MAKE ME FAT!!

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You read it right, I want to be fat from eating like a pigglet at L’Gros Luxe restaurant. They have the most creative poutine menu ever!!! Or most creative menu, period. I went to this restaurant many times and I’ve never been disappointed! They put good hot sauce on the table, how smart! No need to ask for a caliente sauce! Not only that but you can actually pimp your meal!! Greatnest!! Recently I took their amazing “Club Sandwich” filled with chicken and pulled pork and guacamole and lettuce and ohhhh I can continue to go on! What a delish plate friends! And last time I went with my little group, we decided to try their sangria red wine. Even that thing was to die for! Why is everything so good? Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining, I just want to continue to go to L’Gros Luxe and gain some weight because it is definitely worth it! I’ll work out later, or never!

Have you ever gone to L’Gros Luxe? You should RIGHT NOW!

Pic from https://www.facebook.com/lgrosluxe/

Cheeseburger Poutine!! Pic from https://www.facebook.com/lgrosluxe/

Version française

L’Gros Luxe, fais-moi devenir grosse cet été criss! T’a pas été encore? Vas-y MAINTENANT!!! 

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Did you know breakfast was my fave meal of the day?


Trois mousquetaires: that’s how this plate is called chez Ben & Florentine. It has everything that I like: three breakfast sausages rolled up in crepes with cheese on top, potatoes and fruits (I only eat two fruits out of 1000000000x fruits in the plate). And I had syrup to make the crepes and sausages sweet.

Ben & Florentine is by far my fave breakfast restaurant in Montreal. What I adore about this place is there combo, it has everything that you like in one plate, no need for extra this, extra that. eggs, bacon, sausage, french toasts, crepe, waffle in the same plate! Plus, the cafe is always delicious! It is absolutely heaven when I go eat at Ben & Florentine with my friends and boyfriend.

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You had me at Lobster and comfort food!



This is not your typical comfort food mac&Cheese! This bowl of joy is called Mac Ocean on the La belle et la Boeuf’s menu. I arrived to the new Galeries D’Anjou’s new restaurant with my little family for my brother’s 18 years old birthday. My plan was to share a pitcher of sangria with him since he now has the legal age to drink but he refused :( Turns out he prefers to drive than to drink! Good choice!

This amazing mac&cheese was rich in cheese let me tell you! When I ordered this meal, I was scared that it was made with the fake lobster ( I don’t know how it is called in English but in French it is called ‘goberge’ if I am not wrong). Turns out it was made with real lobster and it was fresh and tasty. The pasta they used were big and thick curly macaroni in a creamy, thick, and rich sauce. Very good but very heavy. The portion is big and I couldn’t finish my bowl. I would certainly order it and I recommend it if you love mac & cheese and you are a lobster fanatic like me! I’m in love with La Belle et La Boeuf restaurant. The food is delicious and they are pretty generous with the quantity in each meal.

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