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A message for restaurant L’Gros Luxe: MAKE ME FAT!!

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You read it right, I want to be fat from eating like a pigglet at L’Gros Luxe restaurant. They have the most creative poutine menu ever!!! Or most creative menu, period. I went to this restaurant many times and I’ve never been disappointed! They put good hot sauce on the table, how smart! No need to ask for a caliente sauce! Not only that but you can actually pimp your meal!! Greatnest!! Recently I took their amazing “Club Sandwich” filled with chicken and pulled pork and guacamole and lettuce and ohhhh I can continue to go on! What a delish plate friends! And last time I went with my little group, we decided to try their sangria red wine. Even that thing was to die for! Why is everything so good? Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining, I just want to continue to go to L’Gros Luxe and gain some weight because it is definitely worth it! I’ll work out later, or never!

Have you ever gone to L’Gros Luxe? You should RIGHT NOW!

Pic from https://www.facebook.com/lgrosluxe/

Cheeseburger Poutine!! Pic from https://www.facebook.com/lgrosluxe/

Version française

L’Gros Luxe, fais-moi devenir grosse cet été criss! T’a pas été encore? Vas-y MAINTENANT!!! 

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I’ve been craving for churros for so long

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Last time I went to Santos super early in the evening just to try their delicious churros and I was excited! It was for my birthday and I invited a couple of friends there to just have fun. When that plate arrived, first I was disappointed to see it all broken and that it only had 3 pieces for the price that I paid AND the churros was over fried! It was so dry and extra crispy, it only tasted the oil the churros were fried in EWWWW! It was a real disast-churros (get it?)

After reading MTLBLOG’s post about the BEST places in Montreal to eat churros, I have been fantasizing about them. The first time I ate this sweet dessert, it was on a random day at my aunt’s house and I saw a brown box written Radikal on it. I opened it to see what was inside and I just grabbed the thing! I JUST GRABBED THE THING and put it in my mouth and that’s it, I was sent to dreamland! No for real churros are so good, I wish I was able to always have some in my purse so I could just eat it whenever I’m on the go. MTLBLOG listed 8 places in Montreal where the churros are delicious af and they put Radikal at the #1 spot! I will need to definitely check out those places on the list because with that last time disast-churros, I need some delicious well made pastry.

Which restaurant do you want to try?

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Holiday Clutches!

Holiday Clutch

Happy December 1st!

Christmas and NYE are coming fast and guess what it means? Shopping for your outfits! I get so stressed when shopping for a cute top and a matching bottom. But what doesn’t stress me is actually shopping for accessories. Shopping for the perfect holiday clutch is fun and stress free! To get inspired for this holiday, I decided to create a Mavatar collection to have all of my fave clutches in one place.

My coup de coeur is definitely the brand Edie Parker. In the picture above is a sneak peek of my online shopping cart and I have 3 clutches from Edie Parker (Cheers, gold clutch, and the silver glitters and black) !!! What I love about this brand is the fact that each of the clutches have a mirror inside! It is like having your own portable vanity with you at a special event. Very practical.

Take a look at the rest of the clutches that I’ve selected by clicking the icon below ;)

Shop My Mavatar Cart

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3-Minute Makeup Challenge



Here is a chance to laugh at me with my 3-minute makeup challenge which is actually a BIG fail! 3 minutes is for sure not enough for me…I started off well at the beginning but I wasted way too much time on the eye shadows and on the foundation which means that I totally did not have time for eyeliner or mascara! I’m a loser!

Watch the video below and THUMBS UP!!!

What I am wearing
❤Top: H&M
❤Earrings: Aldo
❤Necklace: H&M
❤Nailpolish: H&M beauty color “Mauve It”

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Get Ready With Me: Rave Mode|Full makeup tutorial


The month of October had been all about EDM!! I’ve been to see Galantis at New City Gas in Montreal, I saw Kaskade at Pacha in NYC, and Sultan + Shepard at New City Gas again. I rocked to each show my big velvet bow from Aldo and dark lips and purple on my eye :)

I published a full face makeup tutorial + talk through video on my YouTube channel. It is not perfect but I really wanted to publish it so here it is! What it below!

Products used:
❤Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion
❤Morphe Palette 35W
❤Makeup brushes from Wal Mart, Forever21 and eBay
❤L’Oreal Paris HIP Bright shadow duo in Reckless 514
❤Lancome Miracle Cushion foundation in #06 beige moka
❤Amazon’s concealer palette
❤Forever21 beauty blender
❤Annabelle Smudge gel eyeliner
❤Crossed false eyelashes from the DOLLARSTORE!!! (WHAT?)
❤Inglot black eyeshadow
❤MAC cosmetics pigment in Violet
❤Makeup Forever eyeshadow
❤NYC bronzer in Sun’Bronze
❤BH cosmetics Professional 10 blush palette
❤Brush from Annabelle
❤Hard Candy translucent powder
❤MAC matte lipstick in Antique Velvet
❤Urban Decay makeup setting spray

What I’m wearing:
❤Forever21 Crop top
❤Zara longsleeves shirt
❤Mango jeggings
❤Aldo velvet bow

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